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Pacific Juvenile Defender Center

Pacific Juvenile Defender Center
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“Many of the problems that plague the juvenile justice system—including appalling conditions in confinement, inappropriate transfer to adult court, over-representation of children of color, and inadequate health and educational services—could be remedied if every child accused of a crime was well represented by competent counsel...”

— American Bar Association, "America's Children at Risk," 1993 

Staff & Board of Directors

PJDC is governed through its Executive Committee and a statewide Advisory Board representing a broad spectrum of offices, geographic areas and forms of advocacy on behalf of youth in the California juvenile justice system.  PJDC has part-time staff consultants who work as a Policy Director and Project Manager.


Sue Burrell, Policy & Training Director
Pacific Juvenile Defender Center
(415) 598-7544 (Google voice)

Eileen Manning-Villar, Project Manager
Pacific Juvenile Defender Center
(650) 784-6382


Patricia Lee, President
San Francisco Public Defender’s Office

Jonathan Laba, Vice President
Contra Costa County Public Defender’s Office

Richard Braucher, Secretary
First District Appellate Project, Oakland

Kasie Lee, Chief Financial Officer
Law Offices of Kasie W. Lee, San Francisco

Arthur Bowie, Board Member
Law Offices of Arthur Bowie, Sacramento

Elizabeth Calvin, Board Member
Human Rights Watch, Los Angeles

Greg Feldman, Board Member
San Francisco Public Defender’s Office

Chris Gardner, Board Member
Public Defender, San Bernardino County

Corene Kendrick, Board Member
Prison Law Office, Berkeley

Ji Seon Song, Board Member
Stanford Law School, Stanford

Rourke Stacy, Board Member
Los Angeles Public Defender’s Office

Kate Weisburd, Board Member
George Washington University School of Law, Washington, D.C.

Advisory Board

Julie Croghan
Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office

Margaret Huscher
Shasta County Public Defender’s Office

Maureen Pacheco
Los Angeles County Alternate Defender’s Office

Patricia Soung
Children’s Defense Fund-California, Los Angeles



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    Public defenders, other juvenile defense counsel, and juvenile advocates are eligible for PJDC membership. Members enjoy access to PJDC’s extensive resource bank, listserv, expert corner, and amicus committee.

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