First District Holds Dependent’s Self-directed Activities Satisfies Section 11403 Requirement for Financial Support

In a published opinion in In re R.G., A144684, the First District held that a nonminor dependent’s self-directed activities to obtain employment qualified for AB 12 support. Under Section 11403, a nonminor dependent is entitled to financial support if the dependent “is participating in a program or activity designed to promote, or remove barriers to employment.” Section 11403 “contemplates participation in either an organized program or other activities that are designed to promote employment.” “These activities could be self-directed.” Here, the dependent’s activities included a job search plan; applying for jobs; following up with prospective employers; receiving feedback on improving his resume and job applications; and contacting social worker regarding his progress. These self-directed activities satisfied Section 11403 conditions for financial support.

Congratulations to FDAP panel attorney Valerie Lankford!

Here is the opinion: