SF Chronicle “Vanishing Violence” Series Features Core PJDC Issues

Over the past year, the San Francisco Chronicle has published more than 15 stories as part of its “Vanishing Violence” series examining the fall of juvenile crime, and the often inadequate responses by public officials.  Articles have focused on continued use of incarceration for youth who commit minor offenses or who need of mental health treatment, the damage caused by secure confinement, and its inordinate costs.  Attention has also been directed at alternatives to detention in the context of San Francisco’s decision to close its juvenile hall.  Many of the issues explored in the stories are ones that PJDC has raised and continues to pursue through policy discussions and representation of youth in juvenile court. Throughout the series, PJDC members have been sought out for comment, including Richard Braucher, Sue Burrell, Elizabeth Calvin, Meredith Desautels, Patti Lee, Michael Harris, Amanda Inocencio, Dan MacAllair, and David Steinhart.  The stories are available on the Vanishing Violence web page.