Terms & Conditions

I. General Information

Please read these Terms and Conditions of Use carefully before using the Pacific Juvenile Defender Center [“PJDC”] website, Resource Bank, or any PJDC listservs. By using this website, Resource Bank, or any PJDC listservs, you signify your assent to these terms of use. If you do not agree to these terms of use, please do not use the site or any PJDC listservs.

We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these terms at any time. Please check these terms periodically for changes. Your continued use of this site or any PJDC listservs following the posting of changes to these terms will mean you accept those changes.

Violators of these guidelines are subject to having their membership in the PJDC website and listservs suspended or terminated.

For quality assurance and security reasons, all network activity inside the domain “pjdc.org” may be monitored and/or logged from time to time. PJDC reserves the right to terminate subscription rights to any member who loans their password to a third party non-member, or in any other way misuses the PJDC website, listservs, or Resource Bank.

If you have accessed the members-only areas of the PJDC website, you were prompted for your user name and password. If by some accident you have accessed the members-only area of the website and you are not a member of PJDC, please note that these areas are private and for PJDC members only. Access by non-members is prohibited.

To join PJDC you must be a member of the juvenile defense or juvenile justice advocacy communities. Joining one of our listservs requires that you be an approved member of PJDC. The PJDC website contains prominent links for applying for PJDC membership and for joining our listservs.

II. Public Areas of the PJDC Website

Membership in PJDC is not required to access any of the “public” areas of our website. In general, this includes all areas except our “Member Resources” area (Resource Bank) and our listservs. You will be prompted for your member username and password before you are able to access any members-only resources. If you find you have accessed members-only resources inadvertently without being prompted for your member information, please notify us immediately at info@pjdc.org.

III. JuvDefend Listserv

A. General Listserv Guidelines

The following information is for members of the PJDC juvenile defender listserv (juvdefend@pjdc.org).

The purpose of this listserv is to facilitate communication, collaboration, and information sharing among juvenile defenders and juvenile justice advocates who practice in California and/or who have an interest in California juvenile justice issues. The list is open only to individuals who have certified that they are members of the juvenile defense community and are neither judicial officers, court staff, nor involved, directly or indirectly, in any law enforcement or prosecution activity.

B. Posting Messages

It is not the responsibility of the PJDC webmaster, consultants, or members to screen material you send to the listserv. Recognize that your listserv audience is primarily attorneys specializing in juvenile and criminal defense. Be professional in your postings and take care in what you write. Remember that the emails you send will be archived and will be searchable by PJDC members. Review your message carefully before you send it.

Do not post anything of a potentially defamatory or libelous nature.

Ensure that the header of your message accurately reflects the content of the message and is helpful to the recipient. For example, do not have a topic header that reads “Great case published today!”; instead, your topic might be “New case holds that juvenile LWOP is unconstitutional.” If you wish to post a new topic to the list, please do not reply to an email thread concerning a different topic; instead, simply create a new thread, so that the header will accurately reflect the message content. Please do not use all upper case for your postings.

In order to facilitate PJDC’s goal of information sharing, we ask that you refrain from asking that responses to your question or posting be made privately, unless the issue is one that requires confidential communications because of the identity of the parties or the sensitivity of the subject.

Your emails may contain attachments. All attachments will be circulated to the list and will be archived by the PJDC server. All attachments must be redacted to remove any names, case numbers, or other information identifying a particular youth (see discussion below in relation to Resource Bank). Please ensure that all attachments are virus-free.

C. Replying to Messages

Replying to a an email generated by the listserv server will send your reply to the entire subscriber list. If you only wish to reply to the individual who wrote the message, you must ensure that only the sender’s email address, and not juvdefend@pjdc.org, is the recipient of your email.

In order to facilitate PJDC’s goal of information sharing, we request that replies of general legal interest be sent to the entire list. Replies of a personal nature (e.g., “thanks, Jane, for the advice”) should be sent privately.

D. Dissemination of PJDC Website Resources and Listserv Content

Listserv members are precluded from sharing or disseminating any listserv content outside the juvenile defense community. You may not forward or otherwise distribute PJDC listserv messages or website resources to non-subscribers without the express permission of the author and of PJDC.

IV. PJDC Member Resources (“Resource Bank”)

A. General Guidelines for Usage of the Resource Bank

The usage guidelines for the Member Resources section of our website (the “Resource Bank”) mirror the guidelines for the use of our listservs, described in Section III of this document. Member Resources are available only to individuals who have certified that they are members of the juvenile defense community and who have been approved for PJDC membership. Members are prohibited from distributing Resource Bank content to non-members without the express permission of the author and of PJDC.

The purpose of the PJDC Resource Bank is to facilitate information sharing among juvenile defenders and juvenile justice advocates, with an emphasis on resources with utility for California practitioners.

B. Browsing and Searching the Resource Bank

The Resource Bank is currently under construction and will launch shortly. Instructions for using the Resource Bank will be posted here once it is launched.

C. Uploading Resources to the Resource Bank

We encourage PJDC members to take an active role in uploading documents to the PJDC Resource Bank. We have created a simple, non-technical process for adding resources. Your commitment to building the site’s resources will enhance the utility of this site for your fellow PJDC members.

Instructions for uploading documents to the Resource Bank will be posted once the Resource Bank is launched. Please note the following:

Copyrighted material: Copyrighted material cannot be posted to the PJDC website without appropriate permission. If you wish to upload a document for which you are not the author, please secure the author’s permission for posting their document to the Resource Bank. The Resource Upload Form requires that you certify that you have received this permission.

Confidentiality and redactions: Please do not post or upload any material that violates attorney-client privilege or other client-confidentiality rules. All motions, briefs, pleadings, and other client-specific materials must be redacted so that, at most, only the client’s first name and the first letter of their last name appear. If you wish, you may redact the client’s name entirely and replace it with “XXXX.” The Resource Upload Form requires that you certify that you have redacted the resource in accordance with these guidelines.

V. Disclaimer

PJDC accepts no responsibility for errors or inaccurate information in its listservs, Resource Bank, or any other area on the PJDC website. None of the information provided on this web site should be regarded as legal advice. If you need a lawyer or legal advice, you should consult an attorney or contact your local bar association, legal services program, legal aid society, or public defender’s office.

The full text of PJDC’s disclaimer may be found here.

Thank you for using the PJDC website. Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.

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