Second District Applies J.D.B.’s “Reasonable Child” to Miranda Invocation

Art T, B251083, holds: 13-year-old boy’s statement—“Could I have an attorney? Because that’s not me”—made during the course of a custodial interrogation after watching a video of a shooting was an unequivocal and unambiguous invocation of his rights under Miranda.

What’s great about this case is it extends J.D.B.’s reasonable child standard in the context …

New Published Decision By First District Court of Appeal On Out-Of-State Placement

In Khalid B., A140708, a published decision, the First District found the juvenile court abused its discretion by imposing an out-of-state placement because there was no substantial evidence in-state facilities were unavailable or inadequate to meet child’s needs.  Congratulations Jeremy Price!


Here is the opinion: