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Juvenile Court Process

Juvenile court was established for youth under the age of 18 who commit crimes, or who are habitually truant or beyond parental control.

What Happens When Your Child is Arrested?

As a parent, it is extremely frightening to receive notification that your child has been arrested. Learn how you can help your child.

Right to Counsel

All youth have the right to an attorney, free of charge, to represent them upon the filing of charges in court.

Collateral Consequences

Many people mistakenly believe that the consequences of juvenile court end with the conclusion of the case. Unfortunately, this is not true.


Sealing juvenile records is a critically important, but also complicated area of juvenile law.

Transfer Cases

In the state of California, the term “transfer” refers to sending youth charged with a crime committed when under the age of 18 from the juvenile justice system to the adult system.

Youth Sentenced As Adults

Since 2012, decisions by both the United States and California Supreme Courts have impacted youth who had previously been prosecuted as adults and sentenced to life without parole.

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